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Home and business owners of the St. Tammany Parish area know that water and mold damage is a serious problem that requires a serious solution. When your home has been damaged by a flood, a burst or leaky pipe, or even residual moisture and condensation, the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Don’t gamble your family’s health and safety. Call the North Shore’s most trusted water damage experts.

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5 Reasons bleach should not be used for mold removal on porous surfaces

The active ingredient in bleach does not penetrate porous surfaces. So you wind up adding to the molds moisture source allowing the hyphae (mold roots) to grow more Bleach is very good at removing color...
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Mold is everywhere and it's going to get you!

1st part True, 2nd part not really. It is true that mold is everywhere, all the time. There are...
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Tips to prevent indoor mold growth!

Keep humidity levels below 60% Perform routine maintenance to prevent any source of water leak...
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