Services Provided by Power Pro Remediation

Power Pro Remediation has the experience and extensive knowledge to not only treat mold issues, but we can also assist in determining the root cause of your problems. The presents of mold in either your home or place of work can present a host of health concerns. Eliminating mold from the home or office not only fixes the visible scariness of the property, but it helps ensures a healthy and safe environment for ALL inhabitants, including pets. We also provide water damage restoration, reconstruction services, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and much more. Continue reading below to learn more about all of the services offered. Please Contact Us with any questions or to set up your appointment.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage requires immediate action to minimize structure damage and to minimize the chance of additional mold remediation costs from potential microbial growth.  This growth can occur with in 24 hours – 48 hours depending upon the contamination level of the water source. Power Pro Remediation will quickly inspect and asses the water damage to determine the appropriate water removal/extraction technique. After the bulk water has been taken care of, we use commercial quality drying and dehumidification equipment along with proven techniques to properly dry out, clean up and sanitize the area.

Warning signs of water damage in your home

  • Increased water bill without any obvious cause
  • Musty or mildew smells
  • Soft or spongy floors or drywall
  • Dark, wet, or discolored spots on ceilings
  • Black spots on walls or ceilings
  • Drywall flaking or crumbling
  • Damp or moist feeling in the house, even when the AC is running
  • Visible moisture beads on cold surfaces

If you’re experiencing one or many of these symptoms in your house, it may be time to schedule a water damage inspection or leak detection. Catching a leak or water problem early can save thousands of dollars. To schedule an inspection or for questions about water damage in your home, call Power Pro Remediation today.

Mold Remediation

With the presence of water or a moisture source, mold can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours.  Allergies and other health concerns can be effected by mold in your home or place of work. If left untreated, mold can quickly spread throughout a home and cause serious health risks, and can even cause a house to be condemned by local safety inspectors. To avoid injury or property loss, it’s important to address mold in the home quickly, with help from a mold remediation specialist.

Don’t go it alone, get help from the professionals

If you do have a mold problem, it’s important to address the source of the moisture, as well as the effects it’s had on your space. DO NOT CLEAN MOLD WITH BLEACH! Using bleach on mold will kill the surface spores, but will drive hidden mold even deeper into the core of your home’s surfaces, creating a deeper, harder problem that puts your household at serious risk. Instead of using guesswork to solve the mold problem, trust a professional mold remediation specialist like us.

Mold remediation requires proper training, equipment, and expertise to fully, safely and effectively remove the mold within your building.  Power Pro Remediation has the equipment, tools, chemicals, training, experience, and expertise to handle any mold issue quickly and safely so your family can get back to living life. If you’ve got a mold issue in your home, call Power Pro Remediation TODAY. There’s no time to wait for a healthy home.

Rebuild and Reconstruct

Remediation projects including, water damage and mold removal will cause damage to your home or office. Power Pro Remediation can handle your reconstruction needs. Repairing sub-flooring, walls, trim moldings, painting, and any other aspect of a structure damaged by the water or mold. For more information regarding this service, please Contact Us today.

Chinese Drywall

Contaminated Drywall aka Chinese Drywall or Sulfur Emitting Drywall
Fortunately, the massive plague of Chinese Drywall is mostly over. Unfortunately, there are still some homes that have not been remediated of this product which continues 10 plus years later to off gas a multitude of sulfide compounds. This drywall is very harmful to both people, pets, and the structure itself. If you’re living there, it is also very costly to your pocket book. Contaminated drywall will plague anything that has electronics in it. It is very common when living in a house contaminated with Sulfur Emitting Drywall to have computers, dishwashers, stoves, televisions, phones, microwaves, etc. go out and need to be replaced for seemingly no reason well before their life expectancy. Although this is now a rarely found problem, we continue to have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and products needed to properly remediate a structure of this corrosive material. Please give us a call for any Chinese Drywall Removal, Contaminated Drywall Removal, or Sulfur Emitting Drywall Removal needs you may have.

Duct Cleaning

Did you know that duct cleaning can make a huge improvement in the quality of the indoor air you breathe?  A/C Duct cleaning can remove mold, dust and other allergens and irritants that could be building up and hiding in your duct work.   Asides from the cleaning of the ducts themselves, We even clean the grills, fog the entire a/c system with a mold inhibitor and more.  Please Contact Us for more information or to schedule a cleaning or assessment

Odor Elimination

Lingering cigarette smoke, pet odors, VOC’s and more can be challenging to eliminate.  Power Pro Remediation utilizes advanced techniques with the help of powerful, safe, and effective products to eliminate unwelcomed odors in your home or place of business.

Water Infiltration

Water infiltration is not limited to flooding caused by heavy rains or hurricanes.  It can include leaks.  These leaks can happen at doors, windows, stucco facades, roofing components, plumbing fixtures or pipes, a/c drain lines, etc.  Power Pro Remediation has the knowledge and experience to identify and correct sources of water infiltration to your home or business with high quality water proofing materials and techniques.

Carpet Cleaning

Power Pro Remediation can get your once upon a time clean, now dirty carpets, looking great again. High quality commercial grade equipment and techniques allow us to pull dirt deep from within your carpet and get it looking years younger. Our advance knowledge of chemicals specially designed for carpet clean along with our detailed 5 step process which even includes a brushing step that others simply are not equip to give you, gives us an advantage in cleaning carpets that other carpet cleaners will tell you can’t be cleaned. Contact Us for more details regarding our carpet cleaning services.

Storm Damage

We all know what hurricanes and flooding can do. Causing anywhere from minor damage to devastating exterior and interior damage. Power Pro Remediation is no stranger to the unique circumstances and unique needs that are involved in storm recovery times. We have the knowledge and compassion needed to help you and your home or business recover quickly from a disaster.

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