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Mold is Everywhere and It’s Going to Get You!

Mold is everywhere and it’s going to get you!

1st part True, 2nd part not really. It is true that mold is everywhere, all the time. There are over 200,000 species of mold currently identified. Mold is nature’s cleanup crew and without it we’d live in a garbage dump. Mold spores enter and exit your home via doors and windows, ventilation ducts, etc., they also enter and exit by catching a ride on you, your clothes and even your family pet as you come and go. If it has a surface or if it allows air flow mold will use it as transport. All said, not to fear. Mold is opportunistic and will only attach itself and grow where a trifecta of Food Source, Heat and Moisture exist. Moisture is key since almost anything is a food source and heat is a constant, we live under the sun. Now don’t think heat means hot. Ex. Water freezes at 32 degrees F and yet mold can be found in freezers. 32 degrees is still heat, it is just less heat than an 80 degree Louisiana day. Although mold can grow in a very cold environment, generally speaking it will be more prevalent in a warmer environment.

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